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Choose your beautiful 22 carat diamond ring at PureJewels
We specialise in 22 carat diamond rings.  Here is a selection of the latest designs that you will find in our London showroom.

22 carat engagement rings
Ever since Bhanji Gokaldas founded PureJewels, we have treasured the artistry and skill of traditional jewellery-making.  Today our design studio creates most of our 22 carat engagement rings.  Occasionally a customer comes in to request a unique engagement ring, based on an element or inspiration that is very personal and special.  We love becoming part of their love story in this way!  If you’d like a bespoke 22 carat engagement ring, call or open Live Chat to find out more.

Why 22 carat gold for your engagement ring?
24 carat is the purest gold.  But that grade is not suitable for making jewellery: it’s not soft or malleable enough to render the detail and setting for a diamond.  22 carat is perfect for making an engagement ring.  Every 22 carat gold engagement ring that we sell is hallmarked by the London Assay Office.

Quality assured
Buying a 22 carat gold engagement ring online can be daunting!  How can you be sure that PureJewels is the right choice?  Well, we’ve been making 22 carat diamond rings for decades; our London store is a landmark to which many people travel.  Your engagement ring will arrive in a signature, PureJewels gift box.  For every solitaire, we also provide a diamond certificate from the International Gemological Institute.  It shows the carat, cut, colour and clarity of the diamond in your unique ring.  If you’d like personal advice about your purchase, try Live Chat.  You will reach one of our store advisors, not someone sitting at a desk very far away!

Choosing diamonds for our 22 carat gold engagement rings
The finest gold deserves the very best diamonds.  Our stones come from the cutting centre in Surat, India.  They are carefully chosen by our jewellers before being hand-set into your 22 carat gold engagement ring.  Diamonds are graded according to four criteria:

CARAT – The weight of the diamond, given in points (0.10 = one tenth of a carat).  Your budget will dictate the size you can buy!
CUT – We usually choose round brilliants for our diamond engagement rings.  It’s a classic cut with lots of tiny facets, which give that amazing, light-up quality.
CLARITY – A rating to tell you how many inclusions are inside the stone.  These are small imperfections, most of which are invisible to the naked eye.  Flawless is the top grade and Slightly Included, or Very Slightly Included, are the next along.
COLOUR – The best diamonds are deemed to be Colourless.  Diamonds are rated between D and Z; around G and H are still very clear and, conversely, highly coloured diamonds are also prized.

We hope you now have enough information to choose your 22 carat gold engagement ring.  If you’d like to browse our 22 carat wedding rings, for men or women, then you can find those in the top menu…