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Diamonds have always been an epitome of forever. There is nothing like a diamond ring that seals the deal of a promise, a promise that speaks of forever being there. Nothing showcases the drama, the sparks and the romance like diamond rings.

A diamond ring is not just another piece of jewellery. It is a token. A token of everything you love, what you have built for yourself, and a journey in itself. Diamond rings are made to be passed down. There is something absolutely romantic about the notion of passing down a symbol of love. Generations and generations, holding not just a diamond ring but an entire lifetime of stories. A legacy that is being passed down.

Traditionally diamond rings were only meant for engagement rings. They are still used as engagement rings, however, PureJewels believes that a diamond ring should not just be restricted to this. A diamond ring can be a gift to yourself as well. It could be a gift to your loved ones. Everyday is an occasion if you believe it to be special enough. Everyday is a celebration. A diamond ring, just makes it even more special. PureJewels embodies this spirit.

At PureJewels we understand that just like no diamonds are alike, no customer is alike. Everyone has a different preference. PureJewels offers spectacular choices. A platinum diamond ring? A rose gold diamond ring? A white diamond gold ring? A gold diamond ring? You think of it and we have it.

There is more.

We also offer all kinds of engagement rings with delightful diamonds in it. We love spoiling you for choices with our range across white gold diamond engagement ring, gold diamond engagement ring, platinum diamond engagement ring.

Of course, we cannot forget our eternity rings. Eternity and diamond go hand in hand. We also offer platinum diamond eternity ring and a gold eternity ring.

We also offer different cuts for the diamond. You can go for the classic brilliant round cut, or the dreamy pear cut or even the enchanting baguette shape! The choice is all yours.

Diamonds are graded for colour on the scale of D (colourless) and Z (tinted). It is a matter of personal preference which would you like. We believe that every diamond is special.

Contemporary or playful or elegant? These rings are nothing less than handcrafted joys. They are tailored to perfection.

Every diamond is hand chosen with keeping in the mind the 4Cs – Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat. For us, it is not just a piece of jewellery. We understand the sentiments and the celebration behind it. We want each piece to be perfect.

Diamond rings are easy to take care of if you just remember certain things.

It is advisable to not wear them while you’re working out, sleeping, playing sports, swimming (never ever swim with a diamond ring on), painting or preparing food.

It is also advisable to not wear a diamond ring during pregnancy as body weight fluctuates. Of course, you can always resize the ring. However, just to be on the safer side.

Cleaning a diamond ring is an easy task. You can make a simple solution of mild soap and warm water. Place your ring in it (you can do this for gold diamond rings as well as platinum diamond rings) for about twenty minutes. Remove the ring out of the water and scrub it with a toothbrush gently. The key is to remain gentle. Regularly clean your diamond ring so that dust does not accumulate.

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