18ct Gold Bands


An engagement ring is typically a ring one uses to propose a partner.

A wedding band on the other hand is a simple ring, that is exchanged on the wedding day. Weddings bands, though simpler, are equally as important as an engagement ring. Often wedding bands are simple bands that may or may not have gemstones. Wedding bands do come in other varieties. While plain bands remain popular, different designs such as eternity bands are quite popular with women. An eternity band has a row of diamonds running the length of an entire ring.

At PureJewels we offer wedding bands as well as engagement rings. Our collection of 18K gold wedding bands consists of attractive choices to select from.

Christian Bauer’s legacy can be traced back to five generations. These rings are crafted with love and excellence. Our collection of Christian Bauer rings spoils you for choice.

If you are looking for a ring for a special gentleman, our 18K gold band for him is a perfect choice. Etched with geometric patterns, the rich texture expresses individuality. Although this ring is an 18K gold wedding band, it can be ordered in palladium and platinum as well.

Christian Bauer rings allow you to be versatile in their selection of rings with different metals and tones of metals! You can go for our dual shade ring as well if you are looking for an 18K gold wedding band. These contrasting tones of platinum and 18K white gold, come together in symphony, with princess cut diamonds in channel setting, running through it. The diamonds radiate brilliance with the color G-H and clarity VS. What further accentuates this piece is that it is a unisex piece of jewellery. This wedding band is a modern art piece, suitable for daily wear.

If you want a unisex wedding band that carries the magic of subtlety, we have a ring that resonates with it. This 18K wedding band is fashioned in white gold, with a princess cut diamond, holdover in a rub-over setting. The diamond is surrounded by two-channel bands at a height, adding the essence of a dynamic life to it. The diamond is a G-H color stone, with the a VS clarity. 

Apart from being delightful, and rich in design, a Christian Bauer ring is special because of the care that goes into making a ring. Christian Bauer’s methods are sustainable and eco-friendly. The metal used is previously mined. Their workshop in rural Germany takes the utmost care of wastage. The ethos and craftsmanship of Christian Bauer are the philosophies that we truly admire and resonate with.