Traditional Asian jewellery

Asia has a rich history of jewellery design, and it’s a source of great joy.  We are very proud of our heritage and the spectacular tradition of Asian jewellery.  Whether you’re an avid collector or a contemporary fashionista, it’s hard to resist the call of gold and jewels… well, it’s in our blood, isn’t it?

In the past, jewellery has been symbolic part in many landmark events, and even a form of social banking: a gift for a younger person who is setting out in life (getting married or having children), which will give them a reserve of savings… just in case.  For women, it was a sort of insurance policy taken out upon marriage.  These days, things have changed, but we still place a high value on jewellery gifts for many occasions.  Different pieces of Asian jewellery are associated with different traditions, and you’ll find we have paid homage to many of them at PureJewels.

Our favourite pieces of Asian jewellery

Jumkha, Tika, Poncha, Mata Patti, Mangalsutra… Asian jewellery isn’t just rings and bracelets; our ancestors invented a whole collection of extra pieces to wear.  Jump in and celebrate an old tradition in a new way – who said a Mata Patti was only for a bride?  The global jumble of contemporary style means that women wear all their favourite pieces for any occasion; be bold and dress up!

Jumkha: Chandelier Asian style earrings with bell-shaped droplets.  We love a 22ct gold pair of Jumkha for daily wear but on a special occasion these classic Jumkha have sensational Polki diamonds too!  Sigh.

Mangalsutra: Necklace worn by married women, traditionally carrying black beads.  If you’re getting a lifetime piece like the Mangalsutra then pick a fabulous one – we love the new Vinyasa Mangalsutra, inspired by the sweeping curves of the Indian peacock.

Chandbali:  A circular Asian style earring with ancient Indian provenance, although it can look more crescent-shaped.  You can find lots of variations on this design now but our 22ct Gold Chandbali earrings are traditional and elegant.

Tikka:  Classic bridal accessory that is attached in the hair, running along the centre parting, and finishes on the forehead.  Our Polki Tikka is beautifully luxurious.

Poncha: One of those pieces that can (and does) make the transition to event-wear, the Poncha is a bracelet with a Y-shape, which connects along the hand to a finger.  Our 22ct gold Filigree Poncha is perfectly understated.

Mala: A string of prayer beads used by lots of people of different faiths.  Our traditional 22ct gold Mala is a beautiful, spiritually meaningful necklace.

Asian gold for investment

The Asian gold buying tradition has existed for centuries.  We love to amass a secret hoard of gold, which also happens to be a secure investment in the current climate.  You might buy gold bars to keep safely at home; you might buy gold held in a vault somewhere else in the world; or you might buy Asian gold jewellery, and get even more enjoyment from your investment.  A family collection of Asian gold jewellery can become a treasured source of memories: the ring worn every day by your grandfather, the bangle worn by your mother on her wedding day, the gold chain worn when you walked down the aisle yourself.  If you are looking for Asian gold by price or weight, you will be pleased to know that we have specified the gold weight on many of our gold pieces.  Check the details beneath the product image and if the weight has not been recorded, you can use Live Chat to ask us.

Our Asian gold prices are competitive and we also sell fine gold bars, starting at £50 for 1g.

Asian jewellery for brides

Pick and mix to create a special bridal jewellery set for your wedding.  You might wish to include a choker or necklace, bangles, earrings, and a headpiece.  We have several coordinating collections, making it easy for you to assemble a personal bridal jewellery set.  (The polki diamonds in Diya are especially glamorous.)

Wheter you’re looking for traditional Asian jewellery, or Asian gold jewellery with a more modern look, you should make a beeline for PureJewels on your next shopping trip.  Our luxurious London store is the perfect place to browse bridal sets, Indian engagement rings, bangles, and Asian earrings – all the classic pieces, beautifully made.  You’ll want to add a few to your collection before you leave!