Gifting is a personal experience. Buying jewellery for someone is also a personal experience. Leah Yard rightly remarked, “Jewellery is often sentimental and personal, which means it grows more meaningful over time.” The joy of opening a jewellery box and finding a piece bought with consideration and thoughtfulness is an experience that words fall short to describe. With this guide, we hope to provide you with ideas for one’s purchase of jewellery and gold bullion for gifting. 


What Are Jewellery Gift Ideas?

Jewellery has been known to mark all sorts of occasions. It is no secret that everyone loves gifts. With jewellery as gifts, it makes the occasion even more special because of the gifting experience. When you gift someone a piece of jewellery, you gift them something that will long last, something that they will always carry with them, look upon, and remember you. 

Jewellery allows one to be creative in their pursuit of gifting. There are no rules. All that matters is what you think will make the wearer smile.

While jewellery is meaningful, it is also a fashion statement. Start by asking yourself what kind of jewellery does the person like? Do they like traditional motifs or contemporary designs? Do they prefer white gold to yellow gold? Do they have a favorite gemstone? Do they have an affinity towards a certain precious metal? 


ChainsFor kids, one can think of gifting items that are lighter in weight such as chains, pendants, studs, bracelets et cetera. Having lighter weight items for kids is practical as kids lead a very active life.

For men and women, one can go across different items such as rings, chains, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. You can also go for items such as customized buttons, lapel pins, cufflinks, and watches.

One of the ways that you can make the jewellery gift even more meaningful is by engraving it. If it is an anniversary you can engrave your jewellery with your names, special words like “forever” or something that describes your relationship. You can also engrave a special date! This works beautifully for even a golden wedding anniversary present.  

Special Occasions To Buy Jewelry Gifts For

There are various occasions where jewellery is an appropriate gift. Valentine’s day jewelry, Christmas gift jewelry, and Diwali jewelry are some examples of gifting occasion gifts.

Gold chain for giftWhether it is graduation, anniversary, baby shower, father’s day, mother’s day, first wedding anniversary, jewellery gifts are appropriate for all occasions. To show your appreciation you also gift your bridesmaids or flower girl small jewellery items! Birthdays, especially 18th Birthday, 21st Birthday, or 30th birthday, are all special occasions where you can gift one jewellery. Jewellery can also be gifted for retirement and christening. 

The notion behind gifting is to show your love and appreciation for the other person on their important day. This important day could be something that marks a milestone like an anniversary, or just a celebration of their role of mothers on mother’s day. Be it gifts for her or gifts for him, jewellery gifts are sure to make one smile. 

Things To Consider When Buying Jewellery Gifts

While buying jewellery gifts such as rings it is important to know the ring size. If you are not aware of the ring size, you can check out our guide on how to measure a ring size and we can guide you. 

A lot of times chains and necklaces can require customization as well due to personal preference of length. At PureJewels we provide services for customisation.

Pure Gold Bullion As Gifts

Apart from jewellery, one can also gift gold bullion. It can be gifted in the form of a gold bar or gold coins. These gold bars and coins come in various weights. Gold bullion makes for thoughtful gifts because it is a long term investment. 

Every gold coin and bar will come with a unique identification number. At PureJewels we stock gold coins and gold bars. We carry gold coins by The Royal Mint. Our gold bars are by Baird & Co Mint who are authorized distributor for The Royal Mint.

Gold coins are available in different collections such as – The Sovereign, Britannia, Lunar and Queen’s Beasts, The Royal Arms, and the Two Dragons. If the person you are gifting is an avid collector of coins, even better! Some of these coins are collectibles and fetch a premium price. 

How Much Does Gold Bullion Weigh?

Gold bullion is available in gold coins and gold bars. These coins and bars have different weights and purity to them.  Most bullion products are either made in 24K gold or 22K gold.

The weights available for gold bars start from 1gm and go up further. There are gold bars available in 2 gm, 2.5 gms, 10 gms, and even 20 gms!

Gold bars are often sold in tiny credit-card-sized packets that are practical as well as make a chic gift.

Why Invest In Gold Bullion?

Gold bullion is a great investment. Gold is a precious metal and sensible investment. It safeguards against inflation as well as is a low-risk investment. Unlike currency and other investments, gold is more stable. Markets do go through ups and downs and they will fluctuate. In these fluctuations, gold has always been more stable compared to others. 

Gold coins minted by The Royal Mint are considered legal tender. The gold coins and gold bars sold by The Royal Mint are VAT free. Legal UK tender coins get an exemption from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Even if you pass it down in the form of legacy, or inheritance, tax is not applicable on this. 

When you gift someone old bullion, you are gifting something whose value will only increase over time and whose benefits can be enjoyed by future generations. 

Gold bullion is easy to convert into cash. When you compare it with other investments, it is easier to encase gold by selling it off. The advantage that gold bullion has over gold jewelry is that even if you decide to sell it off, you will not incur labor charges and lose money in purity. 

How Much Does A Gold Bullion Cost?

Depending on the market and gold rates of that day, the bullion prices keep changing. The change is never dramatic, but a slow progression. To know the price of gold bullion for the day, you can check out the website of The Royal Mint or contact us.

Gifting is a special experience and celebrates the occasion. The very fact that someone took their time out, decided what to buy for you, with the hope you’ll like it is endearing. Jewellery and gold bullion make for monumental gifts not only because of their monetary value but because they are long-lasting. Their sentimental value grows over time. Whether it is a gold coin, a platinum ring, or a simple gold chain, all are special pieces that one is going to use fondly and remember your love and appreciation.

At PureJewels we provide jewellery gifts as well as gold bullion for all occasions. All you have to do is visit our store or our website!