Platinum Wedding Bands


18ct White Gold | Wedding Band | 5mm wide

Platinum Wedding Band | 5mm wide

18ct White Gold | Wedding Band | 4mm wide

4mm Platinum Wedding Band | Unisex

Gents Wedding RingGents Wedding Ring

Gents Wedding Ring


At PureJewels we have Luxurious Platinum Wedding Bands. Platinum Wedding rings for men and women. Genuine Platinum. These bands are available in many widths. You can wear these bands with engagement rings or standalone.

Platinum is considered to be one of the most luxurious and rare metals. It is rare because of its availability and its price, Platinum is also known as a noble metal since it is absolutely tarnish-free, corrosion-resistant and does not oxidise. The metal looks like White gold and therefore it is also confused with it quite often.

Platinum is considered to be one of the most durable metals. Therefore Platinum jewellery along with platinum wedding bands and engagement rings are considered a great fit. Jewellery made in other precious metals like gold or silver tarnish tend to get tarnished and oxidised over time. Platinum jewels and wedding bands require the least amount of maintenance over time. It is one of the most durable and hardest metals. it’s actually heavier than other metals. both wedding bands and engagement rings. Having said that, platinum signifies purity, strength and true love. Similar to your bond of true love, platinum is rare and personifies the everlasting endurance of love as it maintains its sheen and strength even in the most extreme times and conditions.

One of the best qualities of Platinum is how durable it is. It is one of the hardest metals on earth and therefore is very durable. Platinum wedding bands can therefore be passed on through generations while they still would hold their charm. They are chemically non-reactive in nature which rules out the possibility of them getting corroded, tarnished or even oxidised.

Platinum rings signify purity, strength and true love. Surely, no one can put a price on something like that, right? Platinum is one of the most precious and luxurious metals. It can undergo the pressures of time, ups & downs and still maintain its charm just like your bond. Also, platinum rings are precious and have a great resale value.

Platinum rings and platinum wedding bands are beautifully designed and crafted with utmost precision by hand. The cost of these bands, therefore, vary from brand to brand and design to design while the weight of metal used is the primary factor. At Purejewels, we have a variety of his and her wedding band designs that start from a price range of £305.00 and go up to £3010.00. You can get in touch with us through the live chat option to get further details.

For cleaning precious and high-value platinum bands, it is always advised that they are cleansed with a gentle jewellery cleaner made specifically for platinum jewellery. But in case that is not an option, using mild soap and warm water is also a great way to do the same. All you need to do is make a mild solution of warm water and a gentle soap. Further, you gently scrub the matching platinum wedding bands using your fingers and pat dry with a lint-free cloth.

Choosing jewellery is already tricky and a very time-consuming process and it becomes even more significant and tedious if one has to choose a perfect ring for the wedding. It is essential that you choose the best since this precious bauble is a piece of jewel that would make your significant other feel warm and loved today and always even at times when you’re away.
To choose perfectly, it is essential for you to know two things majorly:
1. Your budget: Make sure you take a range of how much you are willing to spend on the wedding band in platinum. For example £705.00 to £1000.00
2. Style sense and preference of your significant other: The special someone who is going to wear this beautiful band should feel comfortable in carrying the design you choose. Therefore, while making a choice, be certain to understand the likes and preferences of your partner and look for options accordingly.
Once you are sure about the above two-point, all you need to do is look for something through our website that checks both the above boxes and also signifies your bond. You could get in touch with us through Live Chat or visit us virtually or physically for more assistance.

Although platinum bands do not get scratches or dent easily, however, if excessive force is applied one might witness scratches on the same. The only difference between platinum and other metals is that if it gets a scratch platinum only gets moved from one place on the ring to another because of its intermolecular strength. Due to this, your platinum wedding band scratches can be treated and the ring can be restored to its original beauty just by polishing. Polishing and buffing the wedding rings platinum bands, would just move the metal back to its original position and give you a classy and smooth finish.

Yes, most definitely. We’ll tell you why. Platinum rings are heavier, more durable and more pure than gold since they do not need to be mixed with other metals making them more valuable. We have often seen people getting confused while choosing between gold and platinum rings because they are similar in price per gram. But according to us, there is no comparison since platinum is denser, so more of it is used when making a ring. Also, platinum rings are usually 95% pure, while 14k gold is only 58.5% gold (18k gold is 75% gold) which brings us to our second and most important factor i.e. purity. The higher the purity, the higher is the value.