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Give your baby the perfect start to their jewellery collection. Our baby bracelets are made from fine, 22ct gold in traditional Indian style. Choose a signature baby bracelet or go for a contemporary twist, like the Rose Gold bracelet for baby, which can be personalised with baby’s name.

Jewellery has historical and traditional significance in India and one of the earliest cultural traditions is placing a bracelet (or thread) of black and gold around the baby’s wrist (or waist). This was believed to ward off the evil eye (nazar), and baby bangles and bracelets (nazar kada) are popular to this day. (The black colour may have originated from another tradition, in which baby’s heads were marked with a tiny dot of black to prevent them from appearing too perfect.)

Across the ocean in England, baby bracelets became popular far later – during the Victorian period – when London jewellers began to create bracelets in gold or silver with the word ‘baby’ etched upon them. Ever since, personalisation has been an affectionate extra: you’ll find personalised baby bracelets here, which can be made to order once the baby has a given name.

These days, baby showers are growing in popularity – in India as well as Britain – and practical gifts are often appreciated. The expectant mother’s friends might be expected to choose clothing, bedding, and toys, which will ease the financial pressure on the new parents. But for close family members, a gift of gold – whether that’s a baby bracelet or a first pair of earrings – is a worthwhile and traditional investment that the child can treasure for a long, long time – and perhaps even keep for their own children. (If you wanted to make a practical gift as well, how about a week of home-cooked meals, or a promise to take baby out for a day? These are certain to be as well-received as a set of sleepsuits.)

Choose 22ct gold bracelets for babies

Our baby bracelets are classic in style, befitting the ancient roots of the tradition. You can buy a baby bracelet in 9ct gold or even silver but, for us, it had to be the best. We chose 22ct gold for our baby bracelets, which is the finest weight of gold suitable for jewellery. The glossy gold is complemented by design details like rhodium plating, ridged beads, and traditional jet black beads. Baby bracelets comprise the child’s earliest jewellery collection, and may be passed down – so we’ve opted for a timeless design that will age gracefully. The presence of black beads is a nod to the old tradition of fending off evil.

Our fair prices mean that you can buy a baby bracelet in 22ct gold for as little as £150. It makes a beautiful gift for a new baby, presented in a signature PureJewels box. If you’d like to come into store, you’re very welcome to make an appointment with us and view the baby bracelets in person.

Our classic baby gold bracelet: 

The Night & Day baby bracelet features glossy, midnight beads to contrast against the 22ct gold. It’s the starter point of the collection but the detailed goldwork and miniature sunbursts give it a luxurious finish.

A contemporary favourite:

Our rose gold baby bracelet is personalised with the baby’s name, and not just engraved, but cut from gold. Instead of a name, you might choose a meaningful word or ancient message. It’s a really special piece, made in warm and sophisticated 18ct rose gold: truly heartfelt and unforgettable.

A bit different:

A later addition to the collection, the Twilight baby bracelet features tonal beads… for the chic and stylish family. Go dark with the Midnight baby bracelet, in deeper tones for more contrast.

Go for gold:

The Sunrise baby bracelet is a minimal design with more gold, and just a sparse handful of black beads, for a simpler, elegant finish.

… Or a bit more bling:

This extra-sparkly Sunburst baby bracelet features ridged beads and rhodium plating to create an unusually twinkly effect!

For more personal advice, try our Live Chat facility, or call our store to make an appointment. If the bracelet you’d like is out of stock then please send us a message – we can order another and confirm the lead time with you.

22ct gold baby bracelets for children

If you’re looking for something different to what’s online, please call for an appointment. PureJewels is an established family jeweller. We are accustomed to special requests and commissions and we are trusted by many families when their jewellery needs repair. If you’d like a child’s bracelet made in a bigger size, or you’d like an existing baby bracelet to be adapted or resized, come into the store and talk to us. We can create unique pieces of jewellery or make something from the collection in the right size.

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