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22 carat Gold Ring

Gold Ring with CZ Stone

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Inventions have always paved a way for options. This is exactly what happened in the 1700s. Glassmakers discovered how to make glass more dispersive. Over the years these techniques developed and gave rise to diamond simulants. What is a simulant you may ask. A simulant is a diamond imitation. It is something that looks like a diamond but is not a diamond. It is a transparent gem, that can come from either the ground or be made in a lab. This is different than a synthetic or lab-made or cultured diamonds. The main difference between a stimulant and a synthetic is that the latter has all physical and chemical properties similar to a diamond. A stimulant merely looks like one. Often people in the trade do get it mixed up. The GIA Lab makes a very clear and comprehensive distinction about that. Over the years, you have had a lot of these synthetics and simulates made.

The purpose of a simulant is merely to replace a diamond. A CZ or cubic zirconia is arguably the most common simulant. Its appearance is relatively close to diamond. Along with that, its brilliance and durability make it a desirable gem. CZ is termed as synthetic cubic zirconia because it is made in a lab. Remember the term American Diamonds? A CZ is an American diamond. Note: Zircon is not the same as a CZ. The names do sound similar, but their anatomy, is very different and so is their way of origin. The latter is made in a lab while the former is mined from the earth.

At PureJewels we believe that every gemstone is special. Every gemstone is precious, whether it is mined from the mother earth or made in a lab. A CZ is an extremely desirable gemstone with a shimmering glow and beautiful brilliance. What is perhaps more alluring is the way it is made. A CZ is a testimony to the fact that how far we have gotten in terms of inventions. We are literally creating our own gemstones. There is something utterly romantic about the ability to become a creator. Not just a creator of anything, but of gems that are eclectic and striking. Isn’t it almost a miracle? The ability to create something so beautiful from nothingness.

The advantage of a CZ ring is that it is extremely durable. Its brilliance and luster is as good as a diamond. Its high dispersion than diamonds, certainly make it for an affable choice.

At PureJewels we have something for everyone. Our CZ engagement rings are made in 22K yellow gold. These stylish rings also come in pairs.

You can go for the pair with a half eternity band with the diamonds dramatically held in a split claw setting and a CZ solitaire ring with diamonds on the shoulders accompanying it.

You can also go for our full eternity band, enclosed in pave setting and a CZ solitaire ring with diamonds also enclosed in pave setting on its shoulders.

We can always get your size made. If you also wish to purchase only one of the rings, you can do that as well.

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