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Jewellers in Blackburn

Jewellers in Blackburn
Introducing Ainsworth Jewellers as a retail Stockist of Purejewels


Ainsworth Jewellers is still run by the Ainsworth family with a 150-year-old heritage. Ainsworth Jewellers pride themselves in delivering the finest quality jewellery with professional customer service and advice.

Please feel free to book an appointment with Ainsworth Jewellers in Blackburn to view and purchase any of PureJewels’ products. Select the items you want to see and add them to the basket and click on the ‘View Before Buy’ at the checkout to select an appointment with Ainsworth Jewellers.

By booking an appointment, a member of the PureJewels team will contact you and confirm the item(s) you would like to see at Ainsworth Jewellers and have them delivered at the Blackburn store for you to view on the day of your appointment. There is no pressure to purchase or cost to you for this service.

The Ainsworth team, headed by Phil Ainsworth and Helen Dimmick, are extremely warm and welcoming and will be more than happy to assist with your requirements in a beautiful and hospitable environment.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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PureJewels has been at the forefront of providing high-quality jewellery at amazing prices with exquisite designs. Our esteemed customers can now benefit from our services also through our retail partner Ainsworth Jewellers based in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Are you planning a wedding? Looking to buy gold jewellery? Worried about whether it will fit your taste in terms of design? Concerned about the quality? You have seen online portals, even liked some designs but you are still skeptical about the fit and not sure whether this new style of collection would suit you?

We understand all your concerns and hence Ainsworth Jewellers offers you the best of both worlds in terms of quality with adaptability to your taste. We at Ainsworth Jewellers have a long-running tradition of providing high-quality craftsmanship and elegant designs that understand your needs. Located in Blackburn, UK, Ainsworth now provides you with the opportunity to check out the wide range of PureJewels collections at its store as well.

Experience the quality of dazzling 22-carat gold filigree stud earrings and try the look of something new and auspicious, which will further enhance the beauty and aura of yours or your loved ones. A necklace which you wish to wear or a ring which you would like to adorn the fingers of your loved ones -- the possibilities are endless as are the occasions. So, for each occasion, we invite you to our stores to experience perfect custom designs and high-quality gold options.

In recent times, the value of gold has increased both as an asset and as a fashion statement. A dazzling ring on your finger or a matching earring can provide you with an additional wow factor. Gold has long been considered the ideal gift due to its immense inherent value. It also carries goodwill and auspiciousness in almost all traditions. So, it provides you with the best opportunity to gift someone a piece of tradition, a good luck charm as well as an outstanding fashion accessory, all rolled up in one.

If you are planning a gift for someone, what better than the symbol of prosperity. Now with our wide range, you can choose among the world’s best jewellery collections from exquisite 22ct gold jewellery adorned with exemplary designs. From dazzling Indian bridal sets to gold pendants, we have it all. An exquisite range of traditional Asian and Indian jewellery in the form of gold bangles, kadas, nose pins, and bridal collections to start with!

If you reside anywhere in the North West and you want to buy gold or jewellery with assured quality and world-class designs, Ainsworth Jewellers is the place to be.

We offer the best ambience along with a special focus on your expectations and demands. We ensure that every customer at our store gets exactly what they are looking for. Customer satisfaction remains our top priority. To experience our unmatched services and diverse product range, you just need to arrive at Blackburn and head to our store to experience the excellence first-hand.

In 1870 Joseph Ainsworth founded J Ainsworth Jewellers & Clockmakers at Number 63 Darwen Street. From there began the journey which established the brand of one of the most trusted retail outlets. From celebrating the centenary of its establishment to their 50 years at Darwen Street, Ainsworth Jewellers are expanding and excelling in serving you. Ainsworth Jewellers along with PureJewels now offer you greater variety and convenience. There are exciting new products and experiences to offer.

Ainsworth has a long-running tradition of quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. With a legacy of 150 years, Ainsworth Jewellers provide you with the reliability and trust which take away all your worries and provide you with the best possible service in terms of the designs and quality which you need. Ainsworth’s store has been in service in the region of Blackburn and specifically in the area of Darwen Street for five generations, which provides you with the best option to directly come and experience the quality and comfort suited to your tastes.

In times of rapidly changing fashion and aesthetic taste, Indian jewellery provides you the opportunity to experiment and engage. An opportunity to dwell with something which remains timeless in appeal. The charm of Indian jewellery remains in providing greater flexibility in terms of customization like our Vinyasa necklace range, while being traditional at the same time. From regal necklace designs to royal ring designs like peacock rings, there are immense variety and dynamic designs to choose from.

Indian jewellery signifies the culture as well as the symbolism of traditions. A simple piece of jewellery like the Mangalsutra which is a necklace worn by married women, a symbol of the union between husband and wife, a symbol of married life and a promise of love and companionship. The Mangalsutra remains a much-treasured piece of jewellery belonging to married women in Indian culture. In the modern world, tradition still carries on but now it has become part of a fashion statement and personality as well. From wide-ranging designs to eye-catching accessories, options and designs have changed but the symbolism of love and companionship remains the same.

PureJewels excels in providing the best in class designs along with quality moulded to your personal tastes, from Mangalsutras to earrings. Traditional jewellery with modern designs now at your own convenience. You can go to the website of PureJewels and view the wide collection of 22ct gold jewellery and you can book an appointment at Ainsworth Jewellers to have a real-life experience and view the products in person.

If you are headed to a store to shop for Indian style jewellery or a wedding, come and visit Ainsworth Jewellers. We offer you a large collection from PureJewels along with the amalgamation of craftsmanship and promised customer satisfaction. If you stay anywhere in Lancashire or in the region of Manchester, you can easily take the Blackburn road to reach the store, where you can explore our Gaja collections or Lotus collection, which will leave you wanting more.

Do you want to try out some new jewellery designs soaked in the tradition and designs of the East with exemplary technology of the West? Then Ainsworth is your stop. If you live anywhere near or in Lancashire, you are welcome to try the most exquisite collections of Indian jewellery at Ainsworth Jewellers. In partnership with PureJewels, Ainsworth Jewellers provides a one-stop solution to all sorts of Indian jewellery needs.

When it comes to Indian gold jewellery, PureJewels has been the trendsetter. The collaboration of PureJewels with Ainsworth gives you the best option to come to the stores of Ainsworth Jewellers. Visit to enjoy the superb service of Ainsworth Jewellers with the exemplary product range and expertise of PureJewels in Indian gold jewellery. We do not just offer you a set of jewellery or a piece of gem-set jewellery, we offer you the experience and joy of owning something which will be memorabilia for you and your loved ones.

We have collaborated to provide you with the best possible service – the convenience of an online experience with the reliability of an offline experience. We offer many exemplary designs and jewel sets like our regal Ranihaar gold necklaces and other intricately designed jewellery. You can explore a wide range of products on our website at PureJewels, pick the designs best suited to you or your loved ones, make an appointment and reach our stores at Ainsworth Jewellers to try them out before taking a final decision. It gives you the best choices

Along with great designs and products to sell, we also accept gold from our customers. If you want to sell some gold, you can always come to our stores and get a very good price for your gold. If you reside anywhere around Blackburn, Preston, Burnley, Blackpool or Lancaster you can visit us at Ainsworth Jewellers to sell gold.

Ainsworth Jewellers and PureJewels combine many generations of trust along with the experience of serving customers in over three continents. Our goal remains to serve you to the best of our capacity. You can also reach our retail store from Lancaster, Blackpool, Accrington and other nearby areas because of the prime location of Ainsworth Jewellers at Darwen Street, Blackburn. Accessibility and comfort remain our commitment. Any queries regarding jewellery in general and gold are always welcome, and we would love to assist you.

If you want to look at a collection and want to have a look at some exquisite jewellery, 22ct gold collections and other gift collections, you are always welcome to the store of Ainsworth Jewellers at 57–59 Darwen Street, Blackburn. Our store provides a wide range of products from gold coins to high-end necklaces to elegant rings. You can always check and surf through the wide range of products on our website and later get a firsthand experience in our stores.

We are eager to host you along with your friends, family and loved ones, to provide you with an opportunity to bond and give us an opportunity to serve you. You are always welcome at our store, as well as on our websites.

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Ainsworth Jewellers LTD -Darwen Street 57-59
-Blackburn with Darwen
BB2 2BW- United Kingdom

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